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The secret is in the soil which has given AEOS the beauty of its own "within". Beginning with the care of the earth through biodynamic farming on our own lands, AEOS is created with extracts and essential oils of herbs and plants cultivated in such a way that they bring new life and vitality to the soil in which they grow. This in turn nourishes and strengthens the immune systems of the plants, and when harvested they are further energized with the resonances of crystal s and minerals.

Ten years of development have gone into composing the delicate balance of nature with itself, so that the sum of the whole enlivens and magnifies all the beautiful parts. Thus inherent in AEOS are the life-giving qualities that translate not only to the innermost layers of skin but also support the health and well-being of our own inner natures.

Completely organic natural skincare with no toxic chemicals or synthetics...innovative harvesting of essential oils...cutting edge skincare technology using tocopherols (Vitamin E) from natural sources...a unique use of the ancient spelt grain grown on our Demeter-certified biodynamic farm...the active energies of crystals and minerals...all gathered and orchestrated with the intention to be used for the greater good in the creation of an atmosphere of inner and outer radiance.。

This refers to the fact that the ingredients used in the products are 'alive'. They have been sourced from soil which has been nourished and activated for optimal performance. In addition, AEOS contains many effective ingredients that are known for their active properties, e.g. plant extracts, essential oils, enzymes etc. We use the best possible raw materials to create products that offer the best potential for optimal results in the care and nourishment of your skin.

AURA-SOMA® (manufacturer of AEOS) uses its unique energising process to enhance each element contained within the AEOS products. This process offers additional support for our overall well-being. The primary intention within all the products is that they will only activate for the ‘greater good' of the person using the products.

The source of the ingredients used in AEOS is of the utmost importance to us. At Shire Farm, our own biodynamic (Demeter certified) farm, we grow as much as we can to be used in our products, sourcing other ingredients from organic and biodynamic farms across the world. Plants grown using these methods have more vitality and a profoundly positive effect on the raw materials produced from them. Embracing this holistic approach from our farming, sourcing of materials, through to creating these skincare preparations, enhances our philosophy – look after the soil, feed the skin, nourish the soul.

The three phase AEOS system is a new concept in skincare. The products, as well as their usage, are unique. The inclusion of cutting edge spagyric tinctures of crystal energies together with the waveforms of colour, make this a range that actually offers more than just skincare, for those who wish to nurture and care for themselves in a more meaningful way.