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Vegan Nail Lacquer

Long lasting, chip resistant and suitable for natural or acrylic nails. Can be used alone or as part of a French manicure.

AEOS vegan nail lacquers are moisturising and help to rebuild natural nail strength, for longer and stronger nails. They have been carefully developed to avoid using harsh chemicals that dry and damage the nail. Therefore, all of our lacquers are FREE FROM the toxic chemicals traditionally used in nail preparations, namely:



Dibutyl Phthalates (DBP)


US$14.00(Excl Tax) / CA$15.00(Excl Tax) / ¥1,400(Excl Tax)

Passion (Red) Azreal (Iridescent Coral) Chamael (Iridescent Pink) Lady Nada (Pale Pink)
Hilarion (Green) El Morya (Blue) Tzaphkiel
(Opalescent Turquoise)
St. Germain (Violet)
Rainbow (White) Serapis Bey (Clear) Sophisticated
(Pale Crème)
(Pale Pink Crème)
(Pale Lilac Crème)
Lotus Petal (Pink) Grace (Deep Magenta) Love from Above (Magenta)